OK. Coming at this with zero knowledge of Kim Kardashian. I don’t “Keep Up With The Kardashians”. Nor do I follow Kim or her friends on Twitter. Honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck about her recent claim to fame as America’s biggest, greasiest butt. Instead, I spend more of my time reading about real humans […]

And so they told him he should teach. And so they told him he should work. And so they told him he would never find work. And so they told him he would fail. And so they told him he should change his ideas. And so they told him he should wear a suit. Because […]

Wall Street Bull

Outside, the street vendor flipped a hotdog on its edge so that he could inspect the readiness of the meat. There were black marks on the side of it, left inevitably by his makeshift grill-top and his poor grilling method. “Ma’am would you like a hotdog on this fine afternoon?” he asked a woman in […]

Seven degrees of ‘fix’ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it broke, don’t fix it. If it, don’t fix it. It? Don’t fix it. Don’t fix it. Fix it! Fix.

I’m not one to complain about public transportation, especially when talking about San Francisco’s public trans system. Hey, it could be much worse. There are some cities where the bus fare costs more and doesn’t ever come (*cough, L.A). But recently I’ve run into some uncomfortable, frustrating, agonizingly slow, and nauseating moments on this city’s […]

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Suicide carried off many. Drink and the devil took care of the rest”, but this was something  more than a  ‘yo ho and a bottle of rum’existentialist commentary on alcohol.The scottish philosopher understood the weight of alcohol on the shoulders of mankind, as one of the many foibles of our psyche. […]

The comfort will never be comfortable for those who seek what is not on the market. A systematic questioning of the idea of happiness. Man 2 from Waking Life gets it. Why don’t we? Are we ever comfortable, and should we be? In the words of Billy Joel, only fools are satisfied. The moment we […]

May Dip, St Andrews, Bonfire, Swimming, Cold Water

Life is full of strange traditions: Halloween, Birthday Cake, Bachelorette Parties, holding our breath when passing a graveyard, Easter Candy, New Years, throwing rice at our wedding, etc. None so esoteric and mysterious, however, as May Dip Once a year on the first of May, St Andreweans gather at east sands to take part in […]

On the first sunny day at St Andrews, I took a walk to the coffee shop, picked up some iced-caramel-caffeinated-concoction, and followed the streets to nowhere in particular. ‘Spring has begun,’ I thought to myself.During my people watching extravaganza, the public seemed jovial and carefree. Does sunshine really increase overall happiness? It’s rhetorical, though there’s […]

18th century gothic novelist, Mathew Lewis, would also like to add something about authorship, “An Author, whether good or bad, or between both, is an Animal whom every body is privileged to attack; For although All are not able to write books, all conceive themselves able to judge them…In short to enter the lists of […]

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