This Dog Will Not Shit

And so they told him he should teach.

And so they told him he should work.

And so they told him he would never find work.

And so they told him he would fail.

And so they told him he should change his ideas.

And so they told him he should wear a suit.

Because work is for those in suits.

Work will only find men in suits.

Men looking for suits, men wearing suits, men buying suits for their children, wearing suits.

And so they told him success is money.

And so they told him his success is never.

Every man searching, suffering, saying stuff.

Saying, searching.

Saying, suffering.

Saying and never doing.

Writing but never reading.

Talent wasted isn’t talent.

Talent un-pursued is wasted talent.

Every man, writer will suffer.

Will suffer rejections.

Will suffer nos.

Will suffer.

Until he, ironically, is satisfied, which will never happen, ironically, until he dies.

Thus is the life of a salesman.

Thus is the life of a writer.

Thus is the life of an artist.

Thus is the life of man.

Whether he knows it to be true.

Whether he thinks he is the exception.


Whether he denies that is is true. 

Whether he denies that he is not the exception. 

All to will come to pass.

And so suffering blooms into something beautiful, called pain.

But without the pain, without the suffering, without the rejection, we are weak.

Man without rejection is weak.

He is only strong when he hears yes, which will lead him only so far.

Yet successful, I am NOT told, are those who fail.

Over and over and over and over. And over.

Until they are strong with failure.

Until failure no longer keeps them at bay.

Until failure compels them.

Until failure motivates and excels them.

Until failure becomes success.

But until then, he writes alone.

He speaks to himself.

Of failure.

Of suffering.

Of wishing to die, so that he may be satisfied with at least one thing.

But until then, suits will wear suits.

Men will wear suits so that they and their children may wear suits, so they can teach them all about suits.

Suits will lead them to success. And how success is rooted in good, and not in failure and suffering.

And they will believe these lies, their children.

Their children will live these lies and their children’s children will live these lies.

Never failing to wear suits.

But always failing.


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