“The comfort wi…

The comfort will never be comfortable for those who seek what is not on the market. A systematic questioning of the idea of happiness.

Man 2 from Waking Life gets it. Why don’t we? Are we ever comfortable, and should we be? In the words of Billy Joel, only fools are satisfied. The moment we become comfortable, we’re doing something wrong; we stop asking questions and that’s not right. Of course, we can be comfortable in our way of life, in simple pleasure, or in a myriad of delightful thoughts. But if our happiness is that simple and salient, then we’re searching for something that is really right underneath our noses. Unless, that is, we can’t see underneath are noses, which we can’t. Question the meaning of happiness, discover its basic and its most complex properties, and then maybe you can indulge in its rewards.If happy is not on the market, make your own market.


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