Toasties, Squash, and “No added sugar”

As I’ve said before, most of the food in


is insipid; one needs to add salt or spice to make anything tasty. Late night “drunchies” fuel the food economy here. A toastie, as you may guess, is basically a grilled-cheese sandwich. Every Friday night, a local church organization provides intoxicated students with buttery bread and cheese, a heavenly delicacy for the inebriated and cloudy mind. Because it’s a quasi-charity function, a single toastie will cost you a measly fifty pence. No one buys just one.  Snacks, in general, are a universal commodity. The snacks are basically the same at St. Andrews except their names and flavors, and sometimes even ideas.


for example, is a highly concentrated drink for mixing with water. Preparation guidelines say to dilute with 1 part squash and 9 parts water. That should give you an idea of how this sugary elixir behaves. Indeed, squash will last a while.

squash, snacks,

Squash, Chocolate, and other munchies

Candy, rowntree's randoms

Rowntree’s Randoms

Like arbitrary soft candies? I can think of no other sweet more random than Rowntree’s Randoms, a mix of shapes and objects in the form of soft candy. Read the back of the package to get an idea. Despite the idea of overly-sweetened squash and the plenitude of available, cheap foodstuff, Scotland has a strict

“no added sugar”

policy. Compared to the U.S, the sodas are less sweet. The Kit-Kats, less chocolaty. This is perhaps because they don’t use the infamous “high fructose corn syrup” in their products, just real sugar. Granted, potatoes and carbohydrates are staple dishes in the U.K, so which country is healthier? I’ll let the reader deduce. Research your facts!

scotland, places, clouds

curious cloud formation 

Scotland, West SandsWest Sands, the beach, and all its grandeur. On a rare, warm day, the sands will provide you with much needed meditation. West Sands, Scotland, the story begins at the beginning. inspiration doesn’t take a day off, neither does motive. counting innumerable shells on the beach. bequeath them to family. but it’s not the same; a story without conflict. a desire with excess. the story doesn’t cheat nature. she is the story, the ending and the middle. she is earnest, maybe the only one. she is exposed: her privates and her breasts. but she doesn’t blush. the story says she blushes, but remember, she beget the story. the story tends to undermine her with sophisticated language, for the plot of the story. don’t tell me she’s changed. the story changed her, turned her inside-out. waves crumble, crash, and curve the same way they did millions of years ago. she’s easy to understand, but maybe that’s what’s difficult for the story. exemplify her only to mock her misfortune, for which she has none. the story ends over there. Voila! the preface, however, is her succeeding success.  



  1. Thats cool you’re getting a break from con syrup, i bought some juice today and i’m pretty sure it was pure syrup. probably should have mixed it with nine glasses of water, thanks for the tip i’ll try that next time.

    PS i love the excerpt at the end about the story. what’s it from?

    1. Haha corn syrup kills. I wrote that excerpt and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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