Scotland #4: St. Andrews and the esteemed

IMAG0124 St. Andrews, Scotland, Snow, The Scores St. Andrews, Scotland, Castle, The BeachThe weather is bi-polar. One minute it’s snowing, and the next it’s sunny. While it’s hard keeping up with the weather, sitting through lectures can be just as exhausting. Sometimes I need to pinch myself(I’m in Scotland). Who doesn’t have an accent? We all have accents, which remind us where we are from. Students saunter in the streets as the seagulls meow(yes, seagulls with scottish accents). The population of St. Andrews is half


and half elderly locals. Most of the students go out drinking almost every night during the week as the elders assume life as usual. Things will be this way up until exams. Beers, oddly enough, are not sold cold unless it’s from the tap. No refrigerated beer in the stores, go figure. Speaking of pubs, locals like to indulge in a game called Pub Golf. The rules are simple:
1. Receive a Playing Card.
2.Drink your (selected) drink as fast as you can.
3.Get a score depending on the par for that particular drink.
4.Play nine holes.
5.Nine holes later… Congratulations! You’re now a sufficiently wasted golfer, and you din’t even need to pick up a club.
St. Andrews, Scotland, Castle St. Andrews, Scotland, Castle St. Andrews, Scotland, Golf Links

Sometimes, I feel like I go to school in Middle Earth. My classes are held in castles. Everything not included inside the district of St. Andrews is considered “The Badlands”. This is where locals and off-campus student residents live because it’s cheaper. To get there, you have to cross what’s known as the “travelator”( a strange term that basically means walkway). The Badlands, where no one dare venture, is Mordor. And I swear I’ve seen hobbits running around.

University of St. Andrews, Places, Scotland, School

Center Campus

Middle Earth VS.Scotland

Walking to class, i’ll listen to this.

Despite the cordial locals, one cannot simply absorb into the socialites. It takes practice, time, and (I hope) good conversation  Mostly, I migrate between coffee shops, read, and stare out the window into the faces of puerile joy.

Panini shops play American music.  Kendrick Lamar says he cannot right his wrongs unless he writes them down ‘fo real’. These are just observations, not facts.


, however, is a fact. And there is a right answer.

Panini, St. Andrews, Food, Places

My Favorite(cheap) Panini Shop, The Courtyard

Food, St. Andrews, Walkers, Places

The Development of the Novel is my lecture centered around 19th century novels and their significance to modern prose. Arguably the first novel ever written, Pamela, shows us that a woman will inevitably marry her abductor, given she is weak, oppressed, and submissive. But women aren’t really like that we say. Samuel Richardson was born in another time we say.

St. Andrews, Motorcycle, Places,

My preferred method of transportation

The streets of

St. Andrews

are narrow and short. Therefore, most of the automobiles come in small and extra small. The best, most efficient, form of transportation has to be the motorbike. It’s my preferred method of transportation, meaning I’d prefer to ride a motorcycle. I do not have an U.K phone yet. In the 21st century, we use applications and Facebook to avoid roaming charges: another technological loophole. Fuck you Verizon.

St. Andrews, Scenery, Scotland, St. Regulus

Outside my Hall (St. Regulus)

Because of the humidity, everything is wet/damp/soaked/etc. all the time. The plus side to that is a plenitude of wild greenery. This includes mushrooms, flowers, and lanky trees.

Mushrooms, St. Andrews, GreenaryWhat say you, astute St. Andrews student? Do we


B.Go to the Pub

C.All of the above?

The answer may always be C.



  1. thanks you for this tour Devin. someone else said it .You should be a tour guide.

  2. Enjoyed the update, amigo. How goes the fiction writing?

    1. Thanks! I haven’t had the chance to do much writing here, unfortunately. Most of the curriculum involves reading(18th century novels and moral philosophy in my case). You have to read and learn from the best before you can become “the best” haha.

  3. sounds super chill.. love the dirty projectors.. and your insights on avoiding phone fees (fuck the corporate world!).. i wanna play a round of golf with you when we return to the city

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