Scotland #3: Culture

Let’s start with the money. Money, money, money. First off, the Scots use


or £s, and this currency is quite unique. For example, they have pound coins! Americans don’t exchange  dollar coins in the U.S. Correction: we don’t use dollar coins in everyday transactions. Try buying s Swiffer at a tool store with a Sacagawea gold coin. I guess you could, but it’s not considered normal. Who knows if the cashier would even accept it.

Scotland, St. Andrews, Places, Currency, Pounds

Scotland, St. Andrews, Money, Pounds

Scotland, St. Andrews, Places, Flag

Commonly known as the Saltire

The flag of


Banner O Scotland, or otherwise known as the St. Andrews cross soars on just about every street corner of St. Andrews. Legend has it, the patron saint of Scotland(St. Andrew of course!) was crucified on an X-shapped cross; hence, there is a white cross on the blue flag. This blue and white emblem should make any diligent Scot appreciate their preceding ancestry.

Scotland, Places, St. AndrewsClassic, United Kingdom, red phone booth. I’ve yet to see someone use one of these.Royal Mail, St. Andrews, Scotland, PlacesHere is another Equally red Royal Mail deposit.

Ceilidh, Scottish Tradition, St. Andrews, PlacesMy latest cultural plunge was attending my very first


. A Ceilidh is a social gathering, which involves Gaelic music and dance.

Ceilidh, Scottish Tradition, St. Andrews, Places Ceilidh, Scottish Tradition, St. Andrews, PlacesMost of the traditional dances require that everyone line up in two groups of four, facing their partner. Then from there, we spin our partner,our partner spins us, and we even pass our partner to others to be spun once more. There is also a good deal of clapping and stopping to the rhythm of the music. The band, consisting of six members, would speed up or slow down the tempo in order to press our comprehension of each dance. It’s a very exhausting and exciting experience.
Ceilidh, Scottish Tradition, St. Andrews, PlacesCeilidh, Scottish Tradition, St. Andrews, PlacesCeilidh, Scottish Tradition, St. Andrews, Places

Ceilidh, Scottish Tradition, St. Andrews, Places

Friendly Scot in his best Tartan

Veteran participants wear the traditional garb(


, Sporran, Kilt pin, jewelry, etc.), while other participants wear modern versions of the traditional kilt, like tartan trousers.

Scottish Tradition, St, Andrews, Cathedral, Kirk                                                            Thanks for reading. Keep  following!



  1. Unkie Art · · Reply

    Awesome… Love the pictures!

  2. You’re such a talented photographer! and blogger. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re doing this. It’s like I’m sort of there, sharing the experience with you. I want to see your new dancing skillz!

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