Scotland #2: Arrival

My first stop, Chicago, with a seven hour layover(already jet-lagged).


LondonThen, London Heathrow airport. This is where I exchanged dollars for pounds. The exchange rate is already killing the wallet.


Edinburgh Airport

Finally, I arrive at Edinburgh, Scotland. Only a few more hours until I reach my final destination.

Fife, Scotland. IMAG0022 IMAG0023

Scotland, St. Andrews

St. Andrews Cathedral, St. Andrews

On the second day, I visited

St. Andrews

Cathedral near the ocean. It was a sunny day, which is apparently common on this side of the country. But the weather, like the stout, is often chilly, dark, and austere.

IMAG0025 IMAG0027 IMAG0030 IMAG0031 The forest green grass  illustrates a lively 600 plus years of Scottish heritage and tradition.

IMAG0033 The water carries birds (Whooper Swans, Eider ducks, and Geese) kilometers across the ocean to feast on various fish and insects. They’re pretty friendly, even when wadding in the densely freezing water. The ocean outside
St. Andrews is generally 8 degrees Celsius. As annual tradition, brave residents of St. Andrews(mostly students) plunge into the body of water on the first of May. It’s called the

May Dip

, and it begins at sunrise. Most participants liquor up a bit before emerging in the water, which makes more sense than dipping in the water in the first place.  Some come clothed, others completely bare. What can be more fun than jumping into the ocean at five in the morning in your birthday suit?Click for in-depth description!
IMAG0034 Scotland, St. Andrews, Ocean, Fife

Cars, Scotland, St. Andrews

Small cars and tiny, cobblestone streets

IMAG0038After the sun came the snow, oddly enough. It doesn’t really stick and gather up here, like Santa Fe in the winter, but the snow creates slush.


Snow, Scotland, St. Andrews

IMAG0041IMAG0043 Sings, Scotland, St. Andrews

And then there are the sings. Funny to me but probably very serious and mundane to the locals.



, English is obviously different than in America. I learnt a few phrases already which don’t quite make sense in American English. Tea is dinner, and dinner is lunch(I think). A quid is to a pound as a buck is to a dollar. Of course, these are small differences, but without knowing these terms visitors would be a little confused.

Scotland, Arches, St. Andrews

Little arches everywhere

I’ll probably go hungry for two reasons. One: the food is sub par(sorry U.K). Two: No dinner on the weekends in my hall and breakfast is served 8:00-9:00 a.m, which means I won’t be awake often enough for this.

Scotland, Food, St. Andrews

Fish & Chips (by far the best food so far)



  1. Great pictures!!! I bet it was hard to get any photos of the May Dip without looking like a total pervert, lol! I like hearing about the differences in English terms, that always fascinates me. I want to hear more about these sings. Are they everyday? A seasonal thing? What are they singing? Are they wasted? Should I be wasted while I read your blog? Would that be the Scottish way? I don’t like hearing that you’re gonna be hungry…:( We’ll have to send you some provisions.

    1. may dip hasn’t happened yet, hence MAY hahah. but yes you should be wasted when you read my blog. why not? Scots drink a lot, true. i’m going to post another thing about culture soon, so just keep following.

  2. Ah! The grass looks so GREEN at St. Andrews! Beautiful. They say if you like the weather in the UK you will love the food 😉 We will have to send some care packages!

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