A Thousand Words


Winding Sky, Dylan T. Marshall

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? The only adequate way to describe a picturesque place like

Santa Fe

is through pictures. Instead of using a thousand words, however, I’ll let the blog explain. All the houses in S.F are built using adobe or a thin veneer of cement stucco, which resembles the real thing and costs half the price.

santa fe

Blue, Dylan T. Marshall

Santa Fe’s strict building codes have managed to uphold the old; Most residential houses are short, ranging from ten to fifteen feet high. That’s why the homes downtown capture the authentic feel of real adobe.

Santa Fe

X-Mas, Dylan T. Marshall

Food-wise, Santa is the bomb-diggidy. Good meat, fresh produce available everywhere  and over thirty 5 star restaurants. First and foremost, the chili. Santa Fe, and New Mexico for the matter, prides itself on chili. This is, of course, not without good reason.

Green chili

is good for the gastronomy and the soul. If you order chili at a restaurant and the waiter asks you, “Red or green?”, say X-Mas, which means both red and green. Trust me, X-Mas is the best decision you can possibly make (even in July!).

Green Chili

X-Mas Burrito from The Santa Fe Baking Co.

You’ll get something like this.


Words, Dylan T. Marshall

Friends: they come and they go. Much like friends, Santa Fe seasons come and go. One minutes it’s three degrees below zero, and the next minute it’s summer, where the days burn into each other. Then, Monsoons come to cool the summer and sweep away heat, letting in the fall. And the cycle continues. To capture life, we use long exposure.

Santa Fe

Clarity, Gabriel Kuzava

Alas! The sunsets remind us that the land is enchanted. Clouds form rings of pink and gold, reflecting fantastic colors unto the rich soil. Beneath the sky, the desert floor stretches for miles into the horizon. El llano, what we call the breathtaking spaces of  unoccupied, rural bits. A thousand photographs cannot quite capture the awe, let alone

a thousand words.

Santa Fe

The Help, Dylan T. Marshall

What do we do then? How can we emulate such raw and natural artwork? Mother Nature was surely the best painter in the world. Every artist copies her work in one medium or another. We may never be able to surpass what we find in nature, and perhaps that’s not even germane. The best we can do is mimic through words and photos. For some reason or another, somebody decided (along the way) a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m not sure I agree, but it sure does make this writing thing a whole lot easier. As of now, I don’t have a camera (or Iphone) so I rely on these guys to help with the photographs. Again, embrace the long exposure.

Santa Fe


Thanks for reading. Keep reading, following, and liking my blogs. Much appreciated.


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  1. I love this! You should be a tour guide 😉

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